10 foods that pose a threat to your pet

vivadmin/ August 24, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson The nutritional choices that we make for our pets can have a huge impact on both their health and well-being. For that reason, it is vitally important to ensure that we are all well aware of what we should and should not be feeding them.

Depression in pets: How to spot it and what to do next

vivadmin/ August 20, 2015/ News, Pharmaceutics and Diagnostics.

by Andrew Wilkinson Unlike with humans, pets aren’t very good at telling us when they are suffering from so-called unseen illnesses such as arthritis and depression. As we lead busier and busier lives, our pets can often spend longer and longer periods alone and this can lead to them developing depression. How can we identify when our pets are depressed?

New collar makes ideal present for your best buddy

vivadmin/ August 18, 2015/ News

  by Andrew Wilkinson A smart dog collar that will allow pet owners to track and measure their pet’s health is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter – and if it raises enough money, it could become the FitBit or Apple Watch for dogs.

Pets and arthritis

vivadmin/ August 13, 2015/ News, Pharmaceutics and Diagnostics.

by Andrew Wilkinson Symptoms of arthritis in humans can be both painful and manyfold and are usually what causes sufferers to seek medical assistance. Although our pets are likely to suffer in a similar fashion to us, they lack the ability to communicate their symptoms to medical professionals.

Obesity: the growing problem with cats and dogs

vivadmin/ August 12, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson In recent years, there has been a great sway towards encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle. Governments from all corners of the globe have seemingly made it their mission to encourage their subjects to eat more a better diet and to get more exercise.