AFIA Announces 2016 Conference

vivadmin/ September 30, 2015/ News

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) will host its ninth annual Pet Food Conference January 26, 2016, as part of the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Pet Dental Care: When the Going Gets Tooth, The Brush Gets Going

vivadmin/ September 29, 2015/ News

By Andrew Wilkinson Our beloved pets are unfortunately not renowned for having the world’s best breath. Through our pets daily schedule of cleaning, a diet that typically is made up mostly of meat and their penchant for finding and picking up dead things, our pets breath can become unbearable.

5 Car Safety Tips that Every Owner Should Know

vivadmin/ September 24, 2015/ News

By Andrew Wilkinson Every responsible pet owner knows that their beloved animals are incredibly vulnerable when travelling in. All too often we can suffer from the “oh it won’t happen to me” syndrome and we can neglect our duties to our pets as a result.

Great News For Pet Owners: Ten Imaginative Ways of Saving Your Money

vivadmin/ September 17, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson In these times of austerity, we are all looking for new ways to save money. As all pet owners know, owning a companion animal can become very expensive. Pets come with associated medical, food, and grooming costs that some people just don’t consider when they’re buying a pet.

Does New Technology Bring Our Pets Back to Life?

vivadmin/ September 16, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson The last couple of years have witnessed the dawning of a new era. During this period, 3D printing and scanning has come on in leaps and bounds. This week, the world’s first 3D doll of a model was born.

Why Do Our Dogs Eat Grass?

vivadmin/ September 11, 2015/ News

By Andrew Wilkinson As we all know, our dogs can exhibit some very strange behaviours from time to time. Some of these little idiosyncrasies can be easily explained; begging and fetching are two examples of this. However, one quirk that is a bit more of an enigma is our dogs eating grass.

Give the Dog a Drone

vivadmin/ September 10, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson An innovative British pet rescue centre owner has come up with an efficient new way of tiring out the dogs that his centre is charged with caring for.