Petnet Proves to be Investment Safe Bet

vivadmin/ October 29, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson Investors have poured $4 million into a new venture funding into Petnet Inc – a company that makes “smart feeders” for our smaller dogs and cats.

Report: Pets are Great For Retired People

vivadmin/ October 26, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson A recent report has suggested that looking after a pet can work wonders for body and soul; especially if you are retired.

Thinking of Buying a Pet? Then Read This First

vivadmin/ October 23, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson Our pets undoubtedly play a huge part in all of our lives. As adults we consider them to be our most loyal companions and our best friend, and our Children are also taught about obligation through pets. But is owning a pet really fair on either you or your pet in the first place?

UK: Should We Get Our Pets Microchipped?

vivadmin/ October 21, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson Although no one likes to think of their pet getting lost or stolen, unfortunately it does happen, as each and every year some 250,000 pets go missing and it is always best practise to be as prepared as possible. Although Collar tags are already a legal requirement for dogs in the UK, they are not the best

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Winter: Are you and Your Pet Ready?

vivadmin/ October 20, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson. For many people across the globe, cooler conditions will soon be upon us and, in turn, give way to cold wintry weather. With forecasts already suggesting that this Winter will be the coldest for generations, what can we do to ensure we are all Winter ready?

Could “Head Pressing” be a Sign of a Much More Serious Health Issue?

vivadmin/ October 19, 2015/ News

  by Andrew Wilkinson What is it about our pets little quirks that make us love them so much? The internet is full to bursting with videos of pets doing funny little things. But could these odd little behavioural traits actually be a sign of deeper seated health issues?

Pet Parasites: Ticking All of The Boxes

vivadmin/ October 15, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson There’s no doubt about it, fleas and ticks are fighting back. Right up until recently, the parasites would only pester our pets between May and September. However, experts now recommend that pet owners give parasite prevention products all-year-round to fight them off. 

USA: Pet Food Company Unleashes New
Anti-Hairball Formula

vivadmin/ October 14, 2015/ News

Hairballs can often be a common source of discomfort for cats. But thanks to the newest recipe from Wellness® Natural Pet Food, pet parents now have a natural dietary solution guaranteed to help prevent hairballs from forming.