McAdams Launches Free Range Kibble

vivadmin/ November 30, 2015/ News

New pet food brand, McAdams, has announced the launch of a dry pet food made using whole British free range chicken; as well as being grain and meat meal-free.

Is new device key to winning pesky pet hair war?

vivadmin/ November 27, 2015/ News

As pet owners, we have all had problems with pet hair getting all over the house. It can get everywhere and some modern vacuum cleaners just don’t do the business. But is a new device the key to us all finally winning the war on pesky pet hair?

USA: Pet obesity on the rise again

vivadmin/ November 26, 2015/ News

A recent study has found that 38% of adult Americans in 2013 and 2014 were obese, compared to 35% in 2011 and 2012. With this increase looking to be replicated this year, what effect is this having on America’s pets?

How to stop your dog jumping up at people

vivadmin/ November 25, 2015/ News

We have all been there, we arrive home tired from work and our beloved dog comes bounding through the house from the garden and jumps up on you; getting muddy their paws all over our clothes. But why do our dogs behave like this?

New Bowl Design Heralds Fresh Dawn In Fight Against Pet Obesity

vivadmin/ November 23, 2015/ News

A new startup has set out their stall in the fight against pet obesity.  Armed with a built in scale and connected to a smartphone app, the new technology looks set to revolutionise how we feed our pets. But can a bowl really be that effective? 

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

vivadmin/ November 20, 2015/ News

When you buy a new cat, one of the most important decisions that you have to make is whether to vaccinate your pet or not. But is vaccinating your pet really that important; can you get away with not getting your cat vaccinated?

Pet Owners Are Blamed For Causing Spread of E.Coli and MRSA

vivadmin/ November 19, 2015/ News

A recent report has suggested that pet owners who fail to follow their vet’s advice when giving medicines to their animals are increasing the risk of antibiotic resistance of bacteria which can pass between pets and people. 

Why Do Our Dogs Bark?

vivadmin/ November 18, 2015/ News

Barking is a normal behaviour for dogs and makes up part of the way they communicate vocally, along with yipping, yelping, howling, growling and whining. But is this behaviour normal?

UK: IAMS Launches New Wet Cat Food Range

vivadmin/ November 17, 2015/ News

IAMS® has announced the launch of its new wet cat food range. This November, IAMS® Delights™ will be available for sale in specialist and grocery retailers across the UK.