UK: Pet owners could be prosecuted for festive costume dressing

vivadmin/ December 18, 2015/ News

They may look adorable in a cute Santa hat or with a festive woolly jumper on, but dog owners are being warned against dressing up their pets in Christmas outfits as they could cause them harm. The RSPCA said it advises pet owners to avoid dressing their cats and dogs in Christmas jumpers, reindeer antlers and Father Christmas hats because they

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Could motor manufacturer’s big robotic plot spell the end for us keeping companion animals?

vivadmin/ December 17, 2015/ News

An international motor manufacturing giant is harbouring big ambitions to become a significant player in the growing market for robots that help the elderly and other people get around in everyday life. But could this development spell the beginning of the end of humans keeping animals as pets, or is this just another example of us all becoming too reliant on technology?

Are vegetarian diets killing our pets?

vivadmin/ December 16, 2015/ News

Experts have warned recently that pets are being put at risk by owners who feed them a vegetarian diet. But how true is this, and what can be done to count her the ill effects?

USA: New smart pet food labels to be
introduced in coming months

vivadmin/ December 15, 2015/ News

Recently, the pet food industry in the USA has announced a brand new initiative that will enable pet owners to have easy and instantaneous access to detailed information about thousands of products. But how will this affect you, the consumer?

Healthy food your dog will love

vivadmin/ December 14, 2015/ News

When there is such a pet in the house its well-being is the most important thing that you must take care of. In order to keep the dog happy, joyful and healthy, you need to know about the best foods for your dog. It is true that there are many ready-made mixes available today in the market that claim to

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How to keep your cats cool and dogs defrosted during winter

vivadmin/ December 8, 2015/ News

It’s that time of year again, Winter is seemingly tightening its icy grip and it seems to be dark all of the time when we are not at work. But what about our pets – are we doing enough to ensure that they don’t have an absolutely woeful winter?

Food, fire & forward planning; three factors for festive family fun

vivadmin/ December 7, 2015/ News

The start of Hanukkah yesterday sparked the beginning of the festive season across the globe.  Although during this time of year we celebrate both light and miracles, it can also be a season rife with hazards around the home for your pets. But what can we as pet owners do to keep everyone safe over the coming weeks?