PFMA sets up new group specifically for raw pet-food manufacturers

vivadmin/ January 29, 2016/ News

The Pet Food Manufacturers Association has launched a new group focusing on the issues for commercial raw producers. But will this latest move benefit the raw pet food industry, and if so, how will they go about ensuring that this is the case?

Revolutionary New Canned Dog Food is Both Nutritious and 95% Single-Sourced

vivadmin/ January 29, 2016/ News

As pet parents, we have all quickly begun to realize the importance of the diet that we choose to feed our dogs; with many of us refusing to feed our dogs by-products, fillers or artificial ingredients. Not only do we want our dogs to eat a healthy and nutritious meal, but we realise the impact that a high quality diet

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Packaged Facts: New pet food industry report released

vivadmin/ January 25, 2016/ News

A new report, “Pet Product Marketing Trends in the U.S.: Technology, Mobile, and Social Media,” is available from Packaged Facts. But how will the results affect consumers, distributors and retailers alike?

Pet food manufacturer more than doubles
production capability with new hardware

vivadmin/ January 21, 2016/ News

With an exclusive focus on co-packing, a dry pet food manufacturer opened a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in 2012 (SQF Level III). The company’s 2015 strategy was to double their production capacity from 150,000 to 300,000 tons of dry pet food per year, while maintaining high a level of food safety, quality, and service.

UK: New start up unleashes new raw pet food

vivadmin/ January 20, 2016/ News

A brand new rural start-up has exploded out of England’s world famous Cotswold Hills to a rapturous reception. Cotswold RAW has joined the growing ‘biologically appropriate’ raw pet food business. But what exactly is their uniques selling point?