UK: Kennel Club unleash results of dog survey

vivadmin/ February 26, 2016/ News

The Kennel Club has released a summary and breed specific reports from its 2014 Pedigree Breed Health Survey, the results of which should help it to make ‘evidence-based decisions to improve dog health’. But is the new survey actually telling us anything new?

New Butler automatic splicer reduces pet food packaging downtime

vivadmin/ February 25, 2016/ News

The SP1 Series automatic film splicer from Butler Automatic is ideally suited towards pet food packaging applications. The SP1 automatic film splicer increases efficiency in packaging operations by eliminating the packaging line downtime caused by manual film roll changes.

Sneyd’s Wonderfeeds launch Wonderdog Elite

vivadmin/ February 24, 2016/ News

Sneyd’s Wonderfeeds has launched a super premium dry food called Wonderdog Elite. But will you be buying Britain’s latest pet food brand, and what is so special about it?

Tiki Pets unleash Aloha Friends cat food

vivadmin/ February 19, 2016/ News

Whitebridge Pet Brands presents Tiki Pets Aloha Friends wet cat food. All five flavorful fish combinations contain fresh pumpkin for improved digestibility.But wis Tiki Pets Aloha Friends the right food for your cat?

Introducing: ‘farm to table’ dog food

vivadmin/ February 18, 2016/ News

Companies have been blending lamb and salmon into their kibble and offering organic grain-free food for years. But now, traditional pet-food makers are stepping up their marketing game in the face of competition from upstarts like Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co. as the healthy and fresh movement transitions from human to pet victuals. But is this relatively new change just

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Lily’s Kitchen to relaunch product range

vivadmin/ February 17, 2016/ News

Lily’s Kitchen is relaunching its dry dog food range next month, with redesigned packaging and new recipes. But what has changed about the product range, and where can you purchase the relaunched range from?

Petfood Forum China 2016 announce deadline for contributors

vivadmin/ February 10, 2016/ News

Organisers of exclusive conference for Chinese pet food market have announced that they have now started seeking non-commercial abstracts due April 25. Is this something that applies to your area of expertise? Read on to  find out more…

Purina Gourmet launches soup-er new range

vivadmin/ February 9, 2016/ News

Purina Gourmet, the luxury wet cat food brand from Nestlé Purina, is launching an ‘expansive’ series of new products for 2016,  but will you be buying anything from the new range for your cat?

Increasing Pet Ownership Fuels Sustained Pet Food Market Growth

vivadmin/ February 5, 2016/ News

With pet ownership on the rise, makers of dog and cat food are reporting above-average sales. Two new reports reveal the current state of the pet food market and where it’s likely to be headed, but is the pet food a stable market worth investing in?