Feeding pets meat: Raw or cooked?

vivadmin/ April 29, 2016/ News

Raw food for dogs and cats is becoming a more popular choice among pet parents. Many find that raw meat-based diets benefit their pet’s health, although there are various risks involved with this diet. Veterinarians recommend certain precautions to make sure a raw diet for your pet is a healthy one, but how can we be sure that we are

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How to save your dog’s life: Detecting and treating heartworm disease

vivadmin/ April 27, 2016/ News

Heartworm disease can affect any dog, regardless of age, sex, or environment. Even though the disease is very preventable, thousands of our dogs needlessly die as result of heartworm every, owing to the health complications from the condition. But what is heart worm disease, how can the condition be detected and perhaps more importantly, how can it be treated?

Argument between man and parrot prompts neighbours to macaw the cops

vivadmin/ April 25, 2016/ News

A Canadian man ran a-fowl of police this week after spending a night at home with his pet parrot. Yes, a Canadian man ran afoul of police this week after spending a night at home with his pet parrot. But how did such an extraordinary series of events unfold?

Three common dietary causes of diseases linked to premature dog deaths

vivadmin/ April 22, 2016/ News

As humans concerned with our health, we know that there is a connection between the food we eat and how we feel. We even know that too much poor food can create disease and illness in our bodies. But when it comes to our dogs, we tend to forget that food works the same way. Sadly, there is quite a

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Pet allergies and how pet owners could in fact be making the problem much worse

vivadmin/ April 20, 2016/ News

Just like humans, pets can have allergies, and they can develop at any age. The most common allergies veterinarians see are atopy (which is often seasonal and caused by something in a pet’s environment), food allergies, and contact dermatitis. But how can you spot if your beloved pet is in fact suffering from an allergy, and what exactly can be done

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No excuses: is new paste the answer to our pet’s bad breath?

vivadmin/ April 15, 2016/ News

If, like me, you are sick to death of your dog’s awful breath, then a brand new product from a UK based company could have your answer. But is a toothpaste for pets really something that we as pet parents are really crying out for? Have awe learned to accept bad breath as just being part and parcel of dog

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Eukanuba to launch new gargantuan 12kg bag

vivadmin/ April 13, 2016/ News

Responding to changing consumer shopping habits, Eukanuba is introducing a new 12kg format in its dry dog food. But will you be taking advantage of the new levels of convenience offered by the availability of the new bag size?

The Honest Kitchen announces the launch of Proper Toppers

vivadmin/ April 11, 2016/ News

The Honest Kitchen, maker of all-natural dehydrated pet foods, supplements and treats, announces the launch of Proper Toppers, a revolutionary meal topper, treat or replacement for dogs. Two Proper Topper superfood recipes, chicken and turkey, will be available nationally beginning in April 2016…

Health warning issued as demand for short nosed dogs soars

vivadmin/ April 6, 2016/ News

A group of Australian scientists have found that dogs with shorter, wider heads are now more in demand than ever. However, could this new trend for ‘puglier’ dogs be at the detriment of the overall health of our pets, could breeders be creating a potential doggy healthcare timebomb?