VetStem Cell therapy company announce proud landmark

vivadmin/ May 23, 2016/ News

The leading Regenerative Veterinary Medicine Company, VetStem Biopharma., is proud to announce that 10 of its most experienced veterinary clients have treated over 100 of their own patients with the VetStem Cell Therapy. Each of these veterinarians has embraced this cutting edge technology to provide the highest level of care for their patients…

Soothing formula unleashed by US based company in fight against canine noise anxiety

vivadmin/ May 19, 2016/ News

Dogs that experience fear and anxiety in response to loud noise such as fireworks, thunder, and construction work now have a new treatment option with the launch of SILEO® (dexmedetomidine oromucosal gel), the first and only medication approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of noise aversion in dogs. But is this new release likely to

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How and why: The six benefits of feeding your cat or dog fish oil

vivadmin/ May 13, 2016/ News

Fish oil has many health benefits but only if it’s the right formulation, produced by a reputable company, and administered at the correct dose. But what are the benefits of fish oil to our pets, where can we buy it, and is it really worth it?

Royal Canin continue quest for healthier pets

vivadmin/ May 9, 2016/ News

ROYAL CANIN® has updated the look of its Feline Health Nutrition range. The new packaging should make it clearer and easier for cat owners to pick the food their pet needs.  But will this new found clarity tempt you from your cat’s current favourite?

Petfood giant unleashes new range of treats

vivadmin/ May 6, 2016/ News

One of the world’s pet food superpowers have announced the launch of a ew range of pet food treats. As pet owners, we are all very fond of treating our pets when their behaviour warrants it, but why should we switch from our existing brands to their new offering?

Keeping our pets happy and healthy in
the summer heat

vivadmin/ May 3, 2016/ News

Next time your furry friend comes to you panting and with their tongue out, it might not be for petting. In fact, your pooch could be communicating signs of an impending heat stroke. But what can we as pet owners do to relieve our beloved pet’s discomfort? If anyone is going to know, then it would be pet experts based in one

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