Blood antioxidant found to extend pet food shelf life

vivadmin/ July 11, 2016/ News

A team of bioengineers from an American University recently created an antioxidant from animals’ red blood cells, named Prot-X, that may extend the shelf life of pet food. Natural properties of red blood cells help prevent fat rancidity.

Petco unleashes new range of all natural pet food products

vivadmin/ July 6, 2016/ News

US based Petco has launched an exclusive line of Drs. Foster and Smith dog food featuring natural ingredients and nutrients. The product line, which is available in both wet and dry options, includes solution-based and everyday wellness formulas.

Researchers: Unknown animal parts discovered in pet food samples

vivadmin/ July 4, 2016/ News

Following the horsemeat scandal of 2012, it now seems that pets are the latest to fall victim to undeclared animal ingredients such as chicken and pork in their meals, according to a study. But how have this discovery been made, and what can we do about it?