Omega 3 and fatty acids are essential to our pets health

vivadmin/ September 9, 2016/ News

A new report has found that fats are the major source of energy for dogs, with the energy they supply  a more concentrated source (2.5 times) than either protein or carbohydrates. But other than being an impressive source of energy, in which other ways do fats and omega 3 have a positive effect on our dogs?

Understanding the most commonly used pet food ingredients

vivadmin/ September 5, 2016/ News

Most pet foods currently available contain a combination of protein, carbohydrate sources, vitamins, minerals, fats, and preservatives, with each ingredient playing an important role in providing enrichment to the body; and every combination of ingredients is regulated to ensure that our pets are being fed safe and nutritious products.

Bühler: Innovation in premium quality pet food

vivadmin/ September 2, 2016/ News

High-quality petfood is healthy and flavoursome and should be attractive to more than just the human eye. This standard of production can only be achieved through high-performance technology: Bühler’s extrusion processes are exceedingly efficient, economical and gentle to the product.

Novel proteins can help fight pet obesity

vivadmin/ September 1, 2016/ News

 Novel proteins can fight the pet obesity epidemic, suggests Mark J. Mendal, founder of Pet Proteins. Novel proteins, such as venison, often have lower calorie and fat contents than conventional protein sources, such as beef.