Amazon’s strategy in the pet market

vivadmin/ October 16, 2018/ News

Amazon surprised many pet health insiders recently by announcing its intention to expand into the pet retail market, causing whispers and worries about how retail may be affected at veterinary clinics. How can the hometown veterinarian’s limited retail shelves compete against a giant that offers free two-day shipping directly to the client’s home?

Since then, the company hasn’t offered much insight into its pet business model—until now. Zak Watts, director of Amazon Pets, and Mike Bassani, consumables lead for Amazon Pets, were on hand at the inaugural NAVC E-Commerce Summit held Sept. 19 in Kansas City.

The Amazon team defines “consumables” as food, healthcare products such as parasite prevention, and litter. Consumables is where Amazon is focusing on growing its portfolio of products in the pet space. Items like toys, leashes, harnesses and behavior aids are a large part of Amazon’s sales, but the company isn’t focusing its energy in those areas, Watts says.

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