Are filled bones safe for our dogs?

vivadmin/ December 2, 2016/ News

Whether you’ve never given your dog a bone or regularly your dog a classic White Bone or Meaty Bone, it can still feel like a huge leap to try out a Filled Bone. And who could blame you? Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you’ve repaid your dogs loyalty with a tasty treat! have heard every question you can think of from curious pet parents: “Are Filled Bones safe for dogs?”, “Are Filled Bones good for dogs?”, “How are Filled Bones made?”, etc. Recently, they wanted to answer a few of those ‘Frequently Asked Question’s below and list some benefits as well.

Are Filled Bones Safe for Dogs?

The team at Redbarn do our best to make sure that every Redbarn Bone is as safe as possible for your dog. They take steps to minimize the risk of breaking or splintering, but it’s important to keep in mind that no natural bone can come with a guarantee against breaking or splintering.

They always recommend that you supervise your dog when any dog bone treat is given. If your dog starts breaking off large pieces or the bone gets too small to chew safely, be sure to take the bone away for their safety.

How are Filled Bones Made?

They source our Filled Bones from USDA / FDA approved facilities and they are made in the USA. They start with all-natural beef femur bones that are a natural source of calcium and phosphorus, and they never add chemicals, preservatives, flavors, or colors to our bones.

They’re even cleaned without the use of any harsh chemicals and then cut to the appropriate size using a saw. This is true for all of our White Beef Bones as well!

To make it a Filled Bone, Redbarn then use their patented technology to fill them with one of our seven delicious flavors: Lamb, Cheese & Bacon, Beef, Peanut Butter, Greek Yogurt, Peanut Butter & Jelly Duo, and Greek Yogurt & Jelly Duo.

Are Filled Bones Good for Dogs?

Long LastingClick here to read if you’ve been curious about whether filled bones are safe for dogs.

Dogs naturally want to chew, and our Filled Bones are an excellent way to satisfy that natural desire. Your dog will love the taste of the filling and work hard to get every last bit of it, adding to the chew time it takes to get through the treat. The benefit of a two-part treat is that there is still an all-natural bone to chew on after the filling is all gone!

Dental Health Benefits

Hard dog chews are great for aiding dental health because of the required mechanical action of chewing. As they chew, they help strengthen their teeth and reduce plaque and tartar build up. While it won’t replace regular visits to the vet, they can help support doggie dental health maintenance.

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