Coming Soon: New Pet Products Providing Our Partner Pets With Particular Perks

vivadmin/ September 25, 2015/ News

by Andrew Wilkinson

Dog and cat owners take note: Several pet-related products have come on the market recently to make your life easier — and cater to your favourite pet.

Pet owners across the globe are soon going to be able to purchase a veritable menagerie of revolutionary new pet products, that should see both pet and owner smiling from ear to ear. According to William Hageman of the Chicago Tribune, the following new products that are about to hit pet shop shelves are this years definite must-haves.

Paw Boss

The Paw Boss

The Paw Boss

Cleaning your dog’s muddy paws is easily one of the more unpleasant tasks associated with pet ownership. The pets don’t want you to do it and you must do it; for hear of having your carpets absolutely destroyed.

However, this task has just been made much easier, thanks to an ingenious invention called Paw Boss.

It’s a portable paw-washing device that cleans each foot in fresh water, rather than using the same bucket and having each paw “washed” in progressively grungy water. It’s a simple idea: A clean-water reservoir is filled with water and soap. A tilt of the device transfers water into a cleaning compartment. A paw is dipped into the cleaning solution through a hole in Paw Boss and is then rubbed against a cleaning pad. The foot is withdrawn and dried.

With another tilt of Paw Boss, the dirty water flows into a holding tank, and the process starts over with fresh water for paws two, three and four.

There’s no need to empty dirty water between paws, and an independent lab has verified that Paw Boss eliminates 99.5 percent of bacteria. Made in the U.S., it comes in basic black and gray, but there are 10 “skins” with different colors and designs that can be added.

Dog-Proofer Fence Extensions

Keeping a dog or cat contained can be a challenge. The Dog-Proofer Fence Extension system attaches to an existing fence — aluminum, steel, chain link, wood or brick — to stop would-be escapees. There are various degrees of deterrent, from a standard extension to the Houdini-Proof Kit, made of heavy-duty welded wire fence material combined with an extension that arches inward over a fence for a climb- and jump-proof enclosure.

Some Dog-Proofer setups will also work with cats, but there are also cat-specific kits. To find your best defence against a fence-jumper, go to

Doggy Bag

The Doggy Bag

The Doggy Bag

With Winter fast approaching, the problem of drying our dogs is an issue that will soon be very much upon us.  The Doggy Bag is basically an absorbent towel that’s in the form of a bag. To avoid getting your home all wet and dirty, all you have to do is put the dog in the bag and zip it up, then rub strenuously to soak up water, slobber, sand and dirt.

The bags, which come in basic brown, travel well, dry quickly and can be shaken clean (or machine washed in extreme cases). Comes in sizes from teacup to extra large, prices range from $69 to $119.

Mason Cash pet bowls

British pottery company Mason Cash are bringing their classic pet bowls to a much wider market. Their bowls are designed for most pets and made of heavy stoneware, making them difficult to tip over. One of their many designs feature angled sides that prevent long-eared dogs from getting food on their ears as well as other elements that make the bowl “non-tip.”

Their range also features designs that are either especially colourful or have other unique design features. Accompanying place mats are also available. Prices range from $5.99 to $79.99.

Go to Mason Cash’s website for the full range of products.

Catty Whack

The Catty Whack

The Catty Whack

From OurPets comes an interactive electronic cat toy that should keep little Kit-Kat occupied for hours. The Catty Whack, which runs on four D batteries, is placed on a floor or table and switched on. A feather wand darts in and out of each of five faux mouse holes in the toy. The random movement — and an electronic mouse sound — will stimulate any cat.

There’s also a carpet pad on top of the Catty Whack, where cats can stretch their paws and claw. It will be available in toy specialty stores in October, priced at $39.99.