The Honest Kitchen announces the launch of Proper Toppers

vivadmin/ April 11, 2016/ News

The Honest Kitchen, maker of all-natural dehydrated pet foods, supplements and treats, announces the launch of Proper Toppers, a revolutionary meal topper, treat or replacement for dogs. Two Proper Topper superfood recipes, chicken and turkey, will be available nationally beginning in April 2016…

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.17.14Proper Toppers are an incredibly versatile product that can be used as a ready-to-eat nutritional boost to conventional pet food, served as a complete and balanced meal or used as a tempting treat. Proper Toppers contain absolutely no ingredients from China and are 100 percent human grade – made from sustainably raised meat (free range chicken or cage free turkey), blueberries, pumpkin, apples and chard (plus vitamins and minerals), according to an article recently published by PRNewswire.

More than 64 percent of dog owners surveyed by The Honest Kitchen mix extra food ingredients into their dog’s kibble as a way to add variety, taste and nourishment into the diet. The Honest Kitchen created Proper Toppers to fit this growing trend for meal enhancements and consumer desire to customize their pets’ meals.

“We believe pets should be given the same quality nutrition as humans, and we frequently incorporate human food trends into our innovation pipeline,” said The Honest Kitchen’s Founder and CEO Lucy Postins. “Just as superfoods and clean foods with few ingredients have become wildly popular among humans, they’re also incredibly beneficial for dogs. Proper Toppers pack these nutrients into a flavorful food with limited ingredients and a texture that dogs love, and owners will appreciate how simple the product is to integrate into their dogs’ diets.”

Like The Honest Kitchen’s classic diets, Proper Toppers are gently dehydrated to remove only the moisture and to retain the majority of natural nutrients found in fresh, whole foods. The process protects the natural pigments (phytonutrients) in the ingredients, keeping the food vibrant, colorful, and much healthier than processed pet foods. Proper Toppers are offered at a price point that’s more affordable than freeze dried alternatives and sold especially well when merchandised directly alongside other freeze dried and air-dried items.

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